Top 10 Finalist: Repaint Studios

What is repaint studios?

Repaint Studios pioneers sustainable solutions in the painting and DIY industry. Committed to reducing environmental impact, they specialize in crafting reusable, eco-friendly painting supplies. By replacing traditional plastic and single-use paint trays and liners, they champion a greener approach, minimizing landfill waste with their reusable and recyclable materials.

Repaint’s patent-pending invention, the Repaint Tray, is not only reusable and resealable with its air-tight lid, but can last a lifetime to help save the paint, customers’ wallets, and the planet in the long run. Repaint Studios empowers DIYers and professionals alike to create while painting a greener future, one project at a time.

Quick Facts

Company Name: Repaint Studios, Inc.

Location: Hampton, Iowa

Founder(s): Billie Asmus

Year Founded: 2022


About the Leadership Team

Billie Asmus is the Founder and CEO of Repaint Studios and the inventor of the Repaint Tray. With her degree and background in Marketing, Advertising, Communications, and Leadership, she has the expertise to launch a product into the marketplace and the necessary skills for leading a team to success. In addition to her logistical background, she has previous experience running a successful small business in the DIY space refinishing and restoring furniture. With 15+ years in the creative space, it has given her the knowledge and expertise in the DIY and painting industry to reach her target audience with a product that was made with them in mind.

Mike Locker is the VP and Co-Founder of Locker Innovations. Mike’s indispensable contributions have positioned him as a linchpin for inventors, innovators, and established enterprises, adding significant value to their pursuits. Over the past 15 years, Mike has been instrumental in orchestrating the generation of over $130 million in sales revenue for their proprietary brands, achieved through strategic retail distribution partnerships, including a prominent collaboration with Walmart, alongside other major retail channels. Drawing upon his extensive entrepreneurial acumen, Mike adeptly navigates all facets of the business landscape, from brokering strategic alliances with manufacturers to offering insightful guidance to product developers and overseeing sales and distribution teams with consummate skill. His comprehensive expertise is a cornerstone of Locker Innovations; ensuring success.

Derek Locker is the VP and Co-Founder at Locker Innovations. Derek’s pivotal role has been integral in establishing and managing a thriving multi-million-dollar Amazon sales channel, presently operational in ten countries with further expansion underway. His expertise encompasses a diverse array of domains, including shipping & logistics, EDI, Amazon operations, product liability insurance, and financial projections and management.