Top 10 Finalist: Spanton Dynamics

What is the spanton board?

Spanton Dynamics has developed a patent-pending power-driven spine board that contours underneath an injured person and operates like a conveyor belt. The upper belt moves in one direction, while the undercarriage belt moves in the opposite direction creating a loading platform that minimizes movement of the patient. Its purpose is to collect and transfer a patient without movement – and its portable design allows for the successful securing of patients at the emergency scene, prior to transport to a medical facility.

Quick Facts

Company Name: Spanton Dynamics

Location: Fairfield, Iowa

Founder(s): Anna Spanton

Year Founded: 2019


About the Leadership Team

Anna Spanton has worked two decades in education administration, including having developed and managed private schools in Hawaii and California. Furthermore, Anna is an entrepreneur, having launched a successful organic clothing company that she later sold. In 2019, Anna made the decision to carry her late father’s ingenuity forward by bringing the Spanton Board to market. She has been involved in all aspects of the company from its inception, from working with engineers and regulatory compliance to outreach where she continues to cultivate strategic relationships with professional sports, emergency medicine, and healthcare.

Dr. Nick Osborne is a former Coast Guard officer and Department of Veterans Affairs employee. He has worked with military populations for over 15 years and understands the culture, training, and safety requirements necessary for maintaining a capable and operational force. He also brings experience in grant writing, health sciences research and administrative leadership, having directed a $14M university-based veterans center. He holds a doctorate from the University of California at Davis.

From the beginning, John worked with his father on the Spanton Board concept, drawing on his experiences as a semi-pro football player and working with mechanical engineers familiar with athletic medical devices. John has a wealth of knowledge of the company’s early design, its engineering, and testing phases. As the Vice President of sales, John brings a professional history of over two decades in the automotive industry. He has garnered numerous awards for surpassing sales quotas and is often assigned as a mentor to newly hired personnel. He holds a master’s degree from the University of Hawaii.