Investing in Iowa Entrepreneurs

InnoVenture Iowa is a $30 million co-investment fund designed to support early-stage startup companies in biosciences, advanced manufacturing, and information technology. As the state’s first public venture capital fund, our fund is uniquely positioned to close the gap in funding for early-stage Iowa startups while spurring future innovation in industries where Iowa is naturally competitive. InnoVenture Iowa is an evergreen venture capital fund, built by (and for) Iowa entrepreneurs.


We are an Iowa-based fund seeking to make investments in Iowa startups. InnoVenture Iowa is the state’s first publicly funded venture capital fund, designed to address a measurable (and tractable) gap in VC funding for early-stage companies in the areas where our state has a natural competitive advantage.

We are a co-investment fund, which means that InnoVenture Iowa will not lead fundraising rounds, but should instead follow-on with a cohort of co-investment partners, including other VC Funds (in- or out-of-state), private entities or individual (angel) investors.

  • Average Check Size: $250,000
  • Industry Focus: Biosciences, Advanced Manufacturing or Information Technology
  • Iowa-Based Companies (Headquartered or “Significant Operations”)
  • Co-Investment Partners: Private VC Funds, Businesses or Angel Investors


Eligible companies must be headquartered (or have “significant operations”) in Iowa. We seek to represent between 10-25% of fundraising rounds that span from $250k-$2M. Companies seeking investment funding from InnoVenture Iowa should operate loosely within the industries of bioscience, advanced manufacturing or information technology, and will need to show a signed term sheet (from a lead investor) for consideration from our investment committee.