We fund world-changing technologies, proudly built in Iowa.

Our Values

Our fund is built by Iowans, for Iowans, to help Iowa startups grow.

We are focused on supporting companies that are founded, headquartered or have significant operations in our state, because we believe that Iowa is a uniquely special place to build a successful company. We also believe that Iowans – resilient, principled and innovative – are uniquely prepared to lead the world’s largest businesses in the new economy.

Our vision for the future is guided by our own midwestern values and our drive to see entrepreneurs succeed.


Technology should be a force for good.

We believe that innovations across industries, but especially in bioscience, advanced manufacturing and information technology, have incredible potential to change our world for the better. We invest in startup founders who share our optimism.


Great companies are built by great teams.

We’re not investing in early-stage companies, we're investing in the people who are building those companies. The right leadership listens actively, builds in-step with customers and attracts great talent. We optimize for founders who reflect the spirit and tenacity of all Iowans.


Swing hard at new ideas.

We are looking for the right team operating in the right market at the right time. Our fund invests with intention, and we are committed to supporting our portfolio companies every step along the way.


Innovators drive our sustainable future.

We believe tomorrow’s problems will be solved by today’s innovators. We seek to fund the outliers, those with new ideas, bold solutions and a strong bias towards action.