Clayton Farms offers its customers a year-round subscription-based service that delivers fresh produce to consumers within hours of harvest.
SaaS platform that provides an electronic medical record (EMR) for both university and private practice clinics. Poised to penetrate the private practice market, ClinicNote’s robust solution includes soap notes, scheduling, billing and standalone teaching tools.
Distynct is a precision livestock platform that enables remote management of North American livestock facilities using IoT sensors and smart devices.
Farmpost is a mobile app that connects farm hands to seasonal and temporary workers for hire, and provides a digital marketplace for the sale and lease of farm machinery and equipment.
FarrPro offers precision livestock farmers a unified production system (both hardware and software solutions) to improve herds, reduce disease, and cut energy use.
A full-suite grain production system that enables farmers to more effectively store, dry and sell the grain they produce. Haber’s offering includes several hardware components (in-bin drying systems, auto fans and sensors) as well as a software component that gives the farmers remote control and access to their yield.
The Hummingbirds platform helps small businesses find and work with hyper-local content creators to drive awareness and sales.
The solar industry’s first recyclable, reusable, collapsible pallet system designed specifically for solar module shipping.
Shaka is a software company that is focused on building the next generation of employee engagement for a virtual, distributed workforce.
STRATAFOLIO is an online software solution designed specifically for people who own or manage real estate, use QuickBooks, and want to streamline their operations to save time, increase profits, and reduce manual work.
AI software that provides analytical tools to diagnose radiographic images of lungs. VIDA helps medical providers determine whether a patient has lung disease, and if so, what kind and precisely where it is located in the lung.
An evidence-based learning tool that provides targeted, validated reading solutions in the K-12 market. Their flagship product, WordFlight, is the first of its kind to address automatic word recognition and decoding skills in kids who struggle with reading comprehension.