Top 10 Finalist: ITE Solutions

What is ite solutions?

ITE Solutions produces automation and efficiency solutions to problems within the construction industry. The company focuses on retrofitting existing construction equipment to utilize advances in sensor technology and automation capabilities. The first product they are introducing to the marketplace is SPREADRITE, a sensor array that mounts onto belly dump trailers to measure the amount of material being dumped and automatically control the pneumatics of the clamshell doors on a construction-grade trailer.

Quick Facts

Company Name: ITE Solutions

Location: Pella, Iowa

Founder(s): Benjamin Diersen

Year Founded: 2023


About the Leadership Team

Nick Degen is currently a Project Manager at Western Construction, Inc. in Rapid City, South Dakota and is in his fifth year with the company. He has overseen multiple South Dakota Department of Transportation projects totaling several million dollars as well as managing City and County projects with an upcoming Federal DOT project. He has assisted on multiple mainline asphalt paving projects and has extensive connections within the construction industry around South Dakota. This perfectly positioning him to experience the need firsthand for SPREADRITE, while also building numerous connections to bring it to market.

Ben Diersen is an embedded software engineer at Vermeer Corp. He developed an autonomous navigation platform that is currently being implemented into two new product lines in the off-road machinery space. He also developed automated functionality for new products that integrate various sensors with the control of hydraulic cylinders and pumps. He developed expertise in CAN communication, electrical debugging, and autonomous machine control. This experience makes him more than qualified to lead the development of the SPREADRITE system.