Finalist: ReEnvision Ag

What is reenvision ag?

ReEnvision Ag is creating a new category of planter for farmers: the Ultra-Low Disturbance Planter. Farmers know that early planting maximizes revenue. The ReEnvision Ag Ultra-Low Disturbance Planter, SeedSpike™ extends the planting window, reduces soil compaction, and returns yield potential to farmers. Farmers care about the land and it is becoming increasingly important to ecosystem markets to take care of the soil, sequester carbon, reduce CO2 emissions, and improve water quality. This patent-pending row unit retrofits onto a planter a farmer already owns, and uses SeedSpike to place each seed individually. Farmers need new tools to reduce the risks of converting to sustainable soil practices, and the SeedSpike™ is the only alternative to the 50-year-old industry standard.

Quick Facts

Company Name: ReEnvision Ag

Location: Nora Springs, Iowa

Founder(s): Jayson Ryner

Year Founded: 2020


About the Leadership Team

Founder Jayson Ryner (MBA) was a beginning farmer in 2014 and implemented sustainable farming practices. He quickly learned the pain of not utilizing tillage to dry out his soil during the record rainfall years of 2018-2019. Jayson set out to solve a problem he experienced first-hand and bring options to farmers, as the only option was to delay planting or risk crop failure due to the only equipment available for planting, the double disc opener.

Jayson holds an MBA with an emphasis in Strategy and Economics. He was sole proprietor of Ryner Farms from 2014-2023 where he gained his agronomic experience. Ryner is also a Professor of Entrepreneurship at North Iowa Area Community College.

Josh Mack serves as COO of ReEnvision Ag. He holds a Masters Degree in Information Systems. Mack comes has significant experience leading teams as the Chief Information Officer for North Iowa Area Community College and sales development experience with Sterling.