Top 10 Finalist: FBB Biomed

What is fbb biomed?

FBB Biomed is a big-data biotech company based in Coralville, Iowa. Their mission is to provide an alternative to painful medical procedures by leading the way for personalized medicine through personalized diagnostics. FBB Biomed combines two proprietary products to enable the first blood test alternative to a spinal tap. The first product offered by FBB Biomed will be their proprietary “secret sauce” that fits seamlessly into the workflow of a laboratory-developed test. The second product is a web application software-as-a-service in which the laboratorian uploads data to their servers and, in turn, receives a clinical report. 

Quick Facts

Company Name: FBB Biomed

Location: Coralville, Iowa

Founder(s): Dr. Howard Urnovitz, Steven Urnovitz, Juien Rey

Year Founded: 2019


About the Leadership Team

Dr. Howard Urnovitz is a veteran entrepreneur, having taken his first company public on NASDAQ, his second company sold in an acquisition, and co-founder and CEO of his third company, FBB Biomed. Dr. Urnovitz received his Ph.D. from the University of Michigan, Department of Microbiology and Immunology, and continued his work in cancer research as a post-doctoral fellow at the Departments of Pathology at Washington University, St. Louis and the University of Iowa Carver Medical School. Dr. Urnovitz received 3 FDA approvals, including his urine test for HIV, has been granted 22 patents, and is a well-cited scholar in the world of endogenous viruses, the ancestral genes that make us who we are.

Mr. Steven Urnovitz is a co-founder and COO at FBB Biomed; Mr. Urnovitz is a US Navy veteran with over 35 years of experience in Logistics. In 1991, Mr. Urnovitz organized and ran a purchasing department from scratch for a biotech company. Steven was the project manager of the build-out of an FDA-approved medical device manufacturing facility. In 2001, he organized and ran the purchasing and accounting at his second biotech company. Today, Steven is the co-founder and chief operations officer at FBB Biomed, where his immediate task is to scale up the logistics for the company’s accelerator evaluation programs at wellness clinics.

Mr. Julien Rey is a co-founder and leads FBB Biomed’s business development. He previously worked for an NYSE-listed B2B IT services company, selling and implementing AI and Big Data solutions. With his background in process automation and data, Mr. Rey heads FBB Biomed’s software product development. In addition, he leads FBB Biomed’s commercial activities to partner with clinics and clinical labs to bring FBB Biomed’s products to market.

Prof. Dr. Heinz Hänel is a professor of Zoology at the Goethe University, Frankfurt/Germany, teaching parasitology and biodiversity. He did his Ph.D. on Varroa destructor bee mite research in the jungle of Malaysia in 1981. His master’s degree was done in Canberra, Australia, where he developed a control method for termites using pathogenic fungi (Metarhizium anisopliae). As a research head for antifungals at Hoechst AG in Germany, he developed compound 1987, a nail lacquer to treat onychomycoses in humans (Ciclopirox). In his further work at Hoechst and later Aventis, he developed the antibiotic Levaquin (a quinolone) together with J+J and Daiichi in Japan. In his later career, he developed, together with WHO and DNDi, the first oral medication for human African sleeping sickness (HAT). This development was awarded with the 1st Class Order of Merit of the German President Frank Walter Steinmeier. He retired in 2021 and now supports companies like FBB Biomed with his development experience and professional connections in the pharmaceutical industry.