Introducing the Iowa Tech Podcast

We are thrilled to announce the coming launch of the “Iowa Tech Podcast”, a show that will cover all-things-innovation, venture capital, startups and technology in Iowa. Our host will be Kaylee Williams, the Director of InnoVenture Iowa, the state’s first publicly-backed venture capital fund – and our featured guests will include entrepreneurs and innovators, ecosystem builders, technologists and investors.

Produced by: Justin Brady and the Iowa Podcast (website here)

Frequency: A new episode will be published weekly to the InnoVenture Iowa website and anywhere you can listen to your favorite content, including Spotify. We’ll also announce new episode drops across all InnoVenture’s social media channels.

Timeline: Recording is scheduled to begin May 1st, 2024

Featured Guests:

Guests will include entrepreneurs, venture investors, ecosystem builders, trade associations and academic institutions with a technology transfer program. High-level topics will include:

  • Technology Innovation
  • Fundraising
  • Sales/Revenue
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Hiring/Recruitment
  • Financial Support
  • Employee Onboarding and Benefits (HR)
  • Executive Leadership and Management Guidance
  • Operational Support
  • Mental Health for Founding Teams
  • Legal Counsel

Would you like be interviewed as a guest on the show? Please pitch us your name and desired topic at!