Meet the InnoVenture Iowa Fellow

InnoVenture Iowa is pleased to announce a new Fellowship Program. This program will run annually during the Spring and Fall semesters.

Micah Walker joins the IVI Fellowship Program

Hi, my name is Micah Walker. I am a recent graduate of Iowa State University, receiving my undergraduate degree in Entrepreneurship and AMD (apparel merchandise and design). Currently I’m finishing my master’s degree in entrepreneurship at Iowa State with a plan to enter an industry revolved around facilitating entrepreneurial growth like venture cap or consulting. Originally from Chicago, I moved to Houston, Texas, for high school and later Iowa for college. During my undergraduate years, I was a member of the Iowa State track and field team, and I also founded my own footwear apparel company as a former Cystarter. Now, I work at CyBIZ Lab and contribute to the InnoVenture team as the First student fellow.


Tell us about your experience at Iowa State – what got you interested in entrepreneurship?

Most people, as children, dream that their first career will be a police officer, a firefighter, or an athlete. However, my first career dream was to create my own shoes. I found my way to Iowa State very unexpectedly through track and field. But, when I stepped on campus, I was blessed to be welcomed to a university that exemplifies innovation and entrepreneurship as much as it does, and it gave me the platform to start my own business and explore the opportunities entrepreneurship can create for my career.

Can you share a little more about your own startup company that you founded?

I founded StratusIAC, an innovative apparel company centered around sustainability within the fashion industry. Over the past two years, I have been developing sustainable algae-blended EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) shoes that are durable, comfortable, and fashionable.

Why did you apply for the InnoVenture Iowa Fellowship? What do you hope to learn/gain from the experience?

I applied to be an InnoVenture Fellow because I wanted to gain experience in all facets of entrepreneurship. I have now started my own business, worked in the consulting industry helping startups with problems they may face, and now I want to explore the venture capital side of entrepreneurship.

Through all of this experience, I wanted to explore every opportunity possible with my entrepreneurship degree and hopefully open doors for my career going forward.

What should founders know about what it’s like to work with you?

I’m a very open-minded person who loves to learn and listen to your ideas. I think every entrepreneur has an abundantly creative mind, and listening to founders’ stories never ceases to amaze me.

What do you look for in an exciting investment opportunity?

What excites me the most in an investment opportunity is a founder’s sustainability goals. I enjoy working with eco-conscious founders with a mission to better the world around them one step at a time.

What are some hobbies you enjoy? How do you like to spend your time when you’re not working?

I enjoy staying active and healthy but also enjoy finding hidden restaurant gems around the area, so if you have any recommendations, let me know.

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